The 7500P Small-Field Pivot provides a new option for growers- and a new way to cost-effectively irrigate smaller field up to 24 ha (57 feddans). With its smaller diameter pipeline of 11.4 cm and 3.2m crop clearance, the 7500P provides the height needed to irrigate taller crops, as well as strength you’ve come to expect from Zimmatic® by Lindsay irrigation systems. And at a lower cost per ha, the 7500P will help you maximize coverage while minimizing costs.

Zimmatic 7500P Full Flow Collector Ring

The collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction –
• A major advantage over the internal designs on other irrigation systems.
• The unit is entirely encased in fiberglass and features dual sliding contacts that ensure uninterrupted power.


Zimmatic 7500P Pipe

The 7500P’s pipes have been manufactured to meet the Zimmatic standard of quality and tested for durability.
• Diameter of 11.4 cm
• High tensile strength steel provides longevity
• Watertight seal Flow-drilled outlets for increased strength and uniformity


Zimmatic 7500P Stucture

Quality materials at an affordable price.
• Exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets
• Crossed tower braces provide more support for torsional loads
• Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility, and external design to eliminate flow restriction
• 12.7 cm pivot point with compact footprint


Zimmatic 7500P Driveline

With a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the 7500P features the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.
• Center pivot drive motors use Zimmatic’s proven trip reduction spur gear technology
• 7500’s AT Gearbox features the industry’s largest expansion chamber
• The AT Gearbox’s output shaft is shorter than the competition eliminating overhang load on bearings