Zimmatic® by Lindsay’s 8500P center pivot provides an incredible value for your operation. Combining state-of-the-art engineering design processes with the latest in material science, the 8500P center pivot features a 12-gauge pipeline in a high strength machine you can trust to provide consistent irrigation for many years.



  • High tensile strength 3/4-inch or 11/16-inch truss rods 
  • 8500P exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets 
  • Full complement of tower options- low, standard, medium, or high-clearance 
  • Crossed tower braces provide more support for torsional loads 
  • Zimmatic’s exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility, and external design to eliminate flow restriction 
  • Optional 8500P compact pivot point allows use of competitive pivot pads with a smaller footprint, reducing installation costs. 
  • Attractive, uniformly arching spans


The 8500P’s pipes have been tested to ensure quality and meet the Zimmatic standard of durability.

  • Diameter of 6 5/8 inches 
  • Competitive 12-guage pipe and tower joints 
  • Zimmatic’s 9500P pipeline can be used in place of the 8500P pipe for machine flexibility and ease of service 
  • High tensile strength steel provides longevity


With a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the 8500P driveline matches Zimmatic 8500P’s standard rotation- the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.

  • Center drive motor uses Zimmatic’s prove triple reduction spur gear technology- it’s te same high-efficiency drive you know and trust 
  • High strength 12-guage steel drive tubes 
  • All tracking solutions are available, including all tire and rim combinations, and the Trax drive system 
  • Rugged AT Gearbox 
  • The industry’s largest expansion chamber 
  • Includes a register on the output flange for additional wheel support, as well as an externally gusseted bell-housing for increased strength 
  • Shorter output shaft than the competition, eliminates high overhand load on bearings