9500CC Custom Corner

The most comprehensive corner solution on the market, the Zimmatic® by Lindsay 9500CC Custom Corner can be customized to meet the specific needs of your unique field, is easy to use and makes the most of the land you already farm.


  • Increased yields
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Additional acres under irrigation
  • Time and labor savings
  • Legendary Zimmatic durability

customizable options to meet your field's needs

Water Application Control Options

Indicates increased irrigation footprint
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(sprinkler bank control)

This economical solution provides good uniformity for square fields. 

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(sprinkler bank control)

Offers improved application uniformity, especially for non-square fields or fields with non-uniform boundaries.  Requires a Zimmatic BOSS control panel.

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9500CC With Precision VRI On the Corner Only

(individual sprinkler control)

The most precise corner application solution available with individual sprinkler control and the flexibility to continuously adjust corner application depths, including the ability to have “avoid” areas under the corner arm.

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9500CC With Precision VRI On the Full Pivot

(individual sprinkler control)

The most advanced, flexible corner solution available for fields with limited water availability and/or that require a constant flow rate or fields that have significant variability in crop types, planting dates or soils. It’s also ideal if you desire “avoid areas” throughout your field (not just in the corners) or need to minimize full circle rotation times.

Corner Drive Tower Options

The 9500CC comes equipped with a standard drive tower or you can choose a Corner 4x4 upgrade.

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Corner 4x4

Improve the performance of a new or existing corner system of any brand by adding a Corner 4x4 drive system. The four wheels work together to provide better traction and more even weight distribution of the swing tower. 

  • Better performance in ruts and on ridged crops
  • Improves track management
  • Greatly reduces chance of getting stuck
  • Works with all corner tire options
  • Utilizes Genuine Lindsay Parts

Corner Guidance Options

Two guidance systems are available to match the needs of your field, buried wire guidance and GPS guidance.

GPS Guidance

  • Advanced GPS diagnostics integrated into the 9500CC control panel
  • Patented guidance technology
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Built-in dual-channel RTK accuracy – no expensive base station or third-party network subscription required
  • Highly precise, repeatable path
  • Ease of operation
  • Changes can be made quickly
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Smartchip Technology

Unlike competing corner systems, the 9500CC with SmartChip technology adapts to the unique characteristics of your field. This innovative design and application software simplifies set-up, maximizing coverage and improving performance.

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  • Mapping takes more than 1,000 individual readings during initial rotation 
  • Virtual modeling determines the best application rates to create a custom watering program, eliminating over/underwatering
  • Precisely pulses sprinkler banks based on ground speeds
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Precision VRI for the 9500CC

Precision VRI offers the ultimate flexibility and optimized uniformity due to individual sprinkler control, compared to corner control systems that manage banks of multiple sprinklers together. This improved water application promotes better nutrient absorption, reduces runoff and leaching.

This technology gives you the ability to easily customize application depths to suit varying field conditions and avoid obstacles or problem areas. Paired with FieldNET’s remote control and monitoring, this single remote management solution allows you to fully monitor and control both your pivot and VRI solution through a unified interface, including the ability to switch VRI plans on the fly throughout the season and save trips to the field.


With Precision VRI on a corner system, individual sprinklers on the corner arm uniformly apply any desired application depth to an irrigated area. Each sprinkler is pulsed on and off according to advanced algorithms which optimize application uniformity. Application depths can easily be tailored to varying field conditions or set to avoid specific areas such as roads or unproductive zones.

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The greatest payback per acre

The ROI and financial justification for a corner system has never been more critical, which is why the 9500CC is the proven option for maximizing the land you farm.

What’s your payback?

Using real numbers from real conditions on your farm, see how quickly the 9500CC can improve your bottom line.

To calculate your profit potential, visit:

To find out how the 9500CC can make your operation more profitable,
talk to your local Zimmatic® by Lindsay dealer.