9500DS Drop Span Option

The 9500DS drop span irrigates imperfect fields and fields with permanent obstacles such as buildings, equipment or fences. This option is available for center pivots and gives you the ability to quickly and easily drop obstructed outer spans, irrigate and then reattach those spans to continue irrigation.


The 9500DS is the fastest option on the market, requiring one person about eight minutes to drop and about six minutes to reconnect with no tools required.


  • Increases irrigated acres without buying more land
  • Quickest drop and reconnection time
  • Same size as a standard Zimmatic joint, so existing wheel tracks don’t change
  • More end gun choices than the competition with manual and electric valves available
  • Telescoping and retractable legs accommodate varying crop heights
  • Full 6 5/8 in. diameter hose connection minimizes pressure drop
  • Dual winches for faster operation
  • Multiple drop spans can be installed on one pivot if required by multiple field obstructions


  • Compatible with Zimmatic 9500, 8500 and pivots with 9500CC
  • Auto-reverse functionality
  • Cat 5 cable junction module for corner systems
  • Available in galvanized and stainless steel pipe for alternative pipeline corrosive water situations