9500DS Drop Span Option Added to Zimmatic Product Line

We are pleased to announce that we have added the 9500DS drop span option to our Zimmatic® product line. When added to a new or existing Zimmatic pivot system, the 9500DS option gives growers the ability to irrigate more acres, even in an imperfect field.

“The 9500DS helps growers make the most of every acre,” said Christopher Higgins, global Zimmatic product manager. “They are able to quickly and easily drop obstructed outer spans, irrigate and then re-attach those spans to the pivot after it returns. This allows the pivot to pick up more acres while avoiding permanent obstacles, such as buildings, permanent equipment and fences.”

With the 9500DS, Higgins explained, the pivot stops when it reaches a pre-determined obstacle or barricade. The grower then drops one or more outer spans, allowing the rest of the pivot to continue irrigating. After the pivot completes irrigation, it returns and the spans are re-attached.

“It’s quick and easy,” Higgins said. “One person can do it, and no tools are required. In most cases, it only takes five to ten minutes to detach or re-attach the spans.”

The 9500DS is available with standard galvanized pipe and also will be offered in a stainless steel version for use on alternative pipeline machines in corrosive water situations.

“We researched what was on the market and developed a product that we think is superior to everything that’s currently out there,” Higgins said. “The 9500DS includes the most advanced features and offers unmatched ease of use and speed of operation.”

For more information about the 9500DS option, visit your local Zimmatic dealer or