Advanced Filtration Solutions Extend the Life of Pivots and Pumps

“If not controlled, sand and other solids can reduce pump efficiency and lead to expensive repairs, replacements and downtime,” said Christopher Higgins, Zimmatic global product manager. “Our filtration products are the most environmentally efficient method for removing solids from liquids - extending the life of the pivot, sprinklers, end guns and pumps while maximizing irrigation uniformity and performance.”

Available from local Zimmatic dealers, the advanced filtration solutions are designed to meet growers’ unique needs. For example:

For areas where sand and settleable particle matter is a problem, growers might want to consider a Sand Separator. The Separator uses centrifugal action to remove solids, so there are no screens or filter elements to clean or replace.

Designed to extend the life of a submersible or turbine pump, the Pump Protection Separator (PPS) uses a patented centrifugal technology to control sand from entering the pump inlet – protecting impellers, bearings and other pump components. It keeps the pump operating at maximum efficiency while discharging separated sand deep into the well.

Self-cleaning Pump Intake Screens provide continuous defense against impeller clogging, lost suction and pump wear. The internal backwash system blows debris off and away from the screens, permitting water to flow freely to the pump.

“Good water quality is essential to ensuring maximum efficiency and the longevity of the system,” Higgins said. “For more than 40 years, our filtration products have helped growers maximize water flow, reduce waste and prevent premature equipment wear.”

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