An Illinois Electric Cooperative Now Offers New Load Control Rates and Rebates

If your farming operation is served by Menard Electric Cooperative in Petersburg, Illinois, you could be eligible for its new irrigation load management program – which includes special rates and rebates.

Beginning November 1st, Co-Op customers who add FieldNET® by Lindsay to their center pivot system may qualify for the company’s new rate (Rate 51) for remote control users. The new rate includes a reduced facility charge and added flexibility. In addition, a member on Rate 51 may also qualify for a $600 one-time rebate, available for a maximum of two pivots.

A growing number of electric cooperatives are now offering similar load control programs in an effort to avoid overloading their systems and keep rates down. They’re offering cash incentives to growers who utilize remote technology and agree to let the service provider use that technology to turn off irrigation pumps during periods of peak demand. The growers are notified in advance of a load control event and have the ability to override the control if watering is crucial to crop development.

“These programs are truly a win-win for everyone involved,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president of technology products at Lindsay Corporation. “The incentives help curtail the cost of investing in the technology that’s helping the Co-Ops keep costs low for all of its members.”

To find out if similar rebates are available in your area, check with your local Zimmatic dealer or visit