App Helps Growers Calculate Irrigation Costs

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UNL's IrrigateCost App

With multiple variables in play, accurately calculating irrigation costs can be a difficult task – but, thanks to the University of Nebraska Lincoln, there’s now an app for that.

The IrrigateCost App is designed to compute the annualized costs of owning and operating an irrigation system, giving growers the information they need to make informed irrigation management decisions.

With input about field and system specifications along with associated expenses, the app calculates total irrigation cost as well as total ownership and total operating costs. That information can help growers:

  • Determine if adding irrigation to a field would be economically feasible
  • Find opportunities for efficiencies
  • Negotiate fair rental agreements with landlords if irrigation costs are share among multiple parties

Developed with data and formulas from UNL Extension Educator Thomas Dorn, the app is available on Apple ($3.99) and Android ($1.99) devices.

Innovative app development is just one example of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s leadership on water management issues.

In recognition of its exceptional contributions to irrigation, the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) was named the Irrigation Association’s 2015 Partner of the Year.

Nominated by Lindsay Corporation, IANR was recognized for its work on the Nebraska Center Pivot Water Conservation Program, an educational program designed to maximize the benefit of a constrained water supply and help center pivot irrigators apply water more efficiently. The project arose out of a partnership with Nebraska Extension, the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, the Lindsay Corporation and other Nebraska-based center pivot manufacturers.

As part of the partnership, center pivot dealerships offered information seminars for the customers to show them how to properly manage and maintain their systems in ways that conserve water.

Ron Yoder, associate vice chancellor at UNL, accepted the award on behalf of IANR at the 2015 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Long Beach, California. 

To learn more about how the IrrigateCost App works watch this video.