Brazilian Growers Rely on FieldNET to Maintain the Balance Between Agriculture and the Environment

On Lagoinha Farm, located in the Midwest region of Brazil, the Rio Arraial Velho (old Arraial River) is an important part of the operation.

“In fact, it’s the crown jewel of the farm,” said Sergio Zimmerman, one of the farm’s business partners. “Because of this, we can irrigate our fields for production.

Eight Zimmatic center pivots are currently installed at Lagoinha. They irrigate approximately 1,334 acres (540 hectares), which produce soybeans, corn and corn seed. To efficiently manage water use, the operation utilizes soils moisture probes and a weather station that feed information into the FieldNET® remote management system. 

“The weather station reports every eight hours and passes it to FieldNET, where a graph is created. From this graph, we start the irrigation process,” said Magdiel Schorne Pinto, irrigation manager. “It’s an efficient water use control.”

Schorne Pinto added that FieldNET also lets farm operators monitor the system and sends alerts if there are potential problems. 

“With FieldNET, growers can access and manage their entire irrigation systems,” said Bruno Perroni, sales supervisor for Lindsay Brazil. “The technology helps reduce costs, increase yields and lets growers know what’s really happening in their fields – day or night. It’s a fundamental tool for today’s growers.” 

Perroni said Lagoinha Farm is one of the first projects in the region to invest in the complete Zimmatic/FieldNET solution – serving as an example to others who want to maintain the balance with agriculture and the environment. 

“We’re helping more and more of our customers integrate FieldNET into their irrigation systems – whether it’s on a new Zimmatic pivot or on an existing pivot or a pivot from a competing brand,” Perroni said. “They’re seeing a very quick return on their investment, because it lets them operate their pivots with fewer resources and helps them save time and money.”

Cost savings is one of the reasons grower Valdenei Donato, of Cambaí Seeds, is adding FieldNET to all of pivots on his operation, which produces corn, corn seed and wheat. Because the 2,718-acre (1,100-hectare) operation is spread out, the technology reduces the amount of time his crew spends checking the machines.

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“When the pivot shuts down, for example, at night, it sends me information about what happened – whether it was lack of power, lack of pressure or something else,” he said. “It greatly simplifies the process and it’s very easy for the person who is operating it."  

A pioneer in irrigated agriculture in the Mission region (northwest of Rio Grande do Sul), Donato installed the first center pivots on his operation in 2000. With 20 pivots currently in operation, he said FieldNET is an essential part of the system

“It is indispensable,” he said. “There is no turning back. It is the future.”

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