Increasing global demand for food, fuel and fiber continues to accelerate the need for agricultural commodities. This means increased pressure to produce more from every acre. Lindsay’s industry leading machines, controls and pumping solutions help address the need for increased production by providing much needed water to crops, maximizing yields and profits. The tools on this page help illustrate how Lindsay can develop a solution to increase your bottom line.


The Greatest Payback Per Acre

With the increased valuation of commodities, land prices and cash rent values, a corner system has never made more sense.  The 9500CC with GPS guidance is the highest-performing and most popular corner system on the market today.


Variable Frequency Drive

With VFD, irrigation power sources can be upgraded from combustion engines to highly-efficient electrical motors.  Watertronics specifically tunes the VFD pressure characteristics to each pump in combination for optimum pressure regulation.

VFD provides simple, reliable and economical control.  VFD technology precisely and evenly matches pump output to irrigation system demand.

Access the VFD calculator here


Dryland Conversion

Center pivot and lateral irrigation can increase yields with limited labor and upfront investment. Adding Lindsay’s machines to current farm currently producing dryland crops can increase efficiency, maximize production and unlock previously unrealized profit potential. Enter real numbers from your farm into this calculator to see how quickly the investment in irrigation can make an impact for you.

Access the dryland converstion calculator here