California Growers Look for Long-Term Solutions to Combat Future Water Shortages

February 1, 2017


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California Growers Look for Long-Term Solutions to

Combat Future Water Shortages

(Omaha, Neb.) – February 2017 – While winter storms have significantly eased drought conditions in many parts of the state, California growers are planning for the future – looking for long-term solutions to combat water shortages.

“While the water outlook is bright for this year, growers know that it’s never a guarantee,” said Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay. “The uncertainty that results from a devastating drought is prompting growers to look for more efficient, long-term irrigation options.”

Among the options, a conversion from flood (gravity flow) to center pivot irrigation systems. Commonly used on row crops and vegetables, center pivots have sprinkler heads that can be lowered to just inches above the tops of plants – minimizing water loss from evaporation and wind drift, as well as, deep percolation (which results in the loss of vital nutrients from the root zone). Switching from flood to center pivot irrigation typically results in:

  • Up to 45 percent less water use
  • Energy savings of more than 33 percent
  • Fewer pumping hours which extends pump life
  • Improved application uniformity, resulting in up to 50 percent higher yields
  • Less runoff and unwanted deep percolation for fertilizer and chemical savings

With precise irrigation technology, such as remote control and management, center pivot systems can save growers up to 75 percent on labor costs and increase yields by up to 50 percent - putting more money back into growers’ pockets.

“We continue to develop innovative irrigation technologies to help growers boost yields and make the most of every drop of water,” Andrews said. “The FieldNET® by Lindsay system gives growers precise management and scheduling capabilities as well as the ability to remotely control and monitor their systems via laptop, tablet or mobile phone.”

Andrews added that FieldNET now can be integrated with Growsmart® by Lindsay Precision Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), giving growers the ability to apply the correct amount of water or chemicals over multiple crops, soil types and terrains.

“The correct amount of water on every part of the field is essential for maximum yields,” Andrews said. “When coupled with FieldNET, Precision VRI gives growers the pinpoint accuracy they need along with the efficiencies that result from full remote capabilities. Configurable inputs allow for real-time system data feeds, and the cloud stored backup reduces maintenance and repair system downtime.”

For more information about FieldNET, Precision VRI and other resource saving irrigation solutions, visit booth L-40 at the 2017 World Ag Expo, taking place February 14 – 16 in Tulare, California or visit