Celebrate National Ag Week

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We’re kicking off National Ag Week (March 13-19) with a salute to America’s growers – the hard-working men and women who are feeding, fueling and clothing the world.

American growers are the most productive producers in the world. Consider these statistics from the Agriculture Council of America:

  • One-fourth of the world’s beef and nearly one-fifth of the world’s grain, milk and eggs are produced in the U.S. 
  • Two out of every three bushels of corn in the world originate in the United States.
  • Each American grower produces enough food to feed about 144 people each day.
  • With modern methods, one acre of land in the U.S. can produce: 42,000 pounds of strawberries, 11,000 heads of lettuce, 25,400 pounds of potatoes, 8,900 pounds of sweet corn or 640 pounds of cotton lint.

All of us at Lindsay Corporation and in the Zimmatic dealer network are proud to support America’s growers by providing them with innovative products and services to reduce costs, maximize yields and be good stewards of the land.

We encourage all Americans to take a moment this week to appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing almost everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis.

America’s growers – doing more and doing it better!