Celebrating America's Growers

We’re celebrating this year’s National Ag Week (March 20th-24th), with a salute to America’s growers. They’re the dedicated men and women who work day and night to make sure the world’s population has a plentiful supply of food, clothing and fuel.

Consider these statistics:

-2 million farms make up America’s landscape and 99% of those are operated by families, family partnerships or family corporations.

-One U.S. farmer produces enough food to feed 155 people.

-More than 90 million acres of land are planted with corn; 10-20% of the corn that’s produced in the United States is exported to other countries. 

-Farmers and ranchers receive only 16 cents of every dollar that consumers spend on food at home or in restaurants. The rest covers wages, production materials, processing, marketing costs and more.

All of us at Lindsay Corporation, including our proud Zimmatic dealers, are proud to support our nation’s growers by providing the industry’s most innovative and cost-effective irrigation products.

We encourage all American’s to take a few moments this week to appreciate the significant role agriculture plays in our daily lives and if given the opportunity, thank a farmer for putting fresh food on our tables, high quality clothing on our backs, and fuel in our vehicles.

*Statistics courtesy of the American Farm Bureau Federation and the FarmJournal Foundation