Cloud-Based Telemetry Takes Pumping System Monitoring to the Next Level

November 4, 2015


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Cloud-Based Telemetry Takes Pumping System Monitoring to the Next Level


(OMAHA, Neb.) – November 2015 – A leading manufacturer of custom pumping systems and water technology solutions Watertronics, a Lindsay company, offers advanced control software solutions, including new, web-based telemetry for remote monitoring and control.

With Watervision Cloud, owners and managers of Watertronics pumping systems can easily access data – anywhere, anytime. Designed for multi-user or multi-location applications, the cloud-based feature lets water managers view hundreds of pump stations on a single screen, so they can quickly identify which ones need attention or optimization. It’s the perfect solution for parks, cemeteries and larger developments.

Other key functions of Watervision Cloud include:
•       Alerts for alarm conditions, water levels and pump status sent via email or text.
•       Compiles critical data for optimizing pump performance.
•       Records power and water consumption.

Service partners who install and maintain pump stations also benefit from this cloud-based feature. With the ability to monitor all of their customers remotely, they are able to reduce time spent on daily monitoring and, with instant alerts, quickly fix problems. 

We invite you to stop by the Lindsay booth #1626 for a demonstration of the new Watervision Cloud-Based Telemetry.