Complete Remote Technology for Multiple Brands or Older Pivots – It’s Possible with FieldNET by Lindsay Pivot Control

Growers who’ve integrated FieldNET™ by Lindsay into their irrigation systems say it’s changing the way they manage their operations – saving time, energy and water.

“I can easily oversee my irrigation operation – nothing compares to FieldNET’s versatility and ease of use,” said Texas grower Brian Bezner.

“I don’t have to be on location to know what’s going on. If there’s a problem, I’ll be made aware of it by text message,” said Mississippi grower Dale Weaver. “Anything that you would be able to see when you’re standing at the panel, you can see from a smartphone.”

The industry’s leading remote irrigation management tool, FieldNET is an integrated water, fertilizer and chemigation solution that helps growers save water, energy, time and money – and it’s not just for new Zimmatic pivots. With FieldNET Pivot Control, growers can retrofit older or other brands of pivots to achieve full remote control and monitoring capabilities, including:

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  • Starting and stopping pivots or laterals and any related pumps and accessories.
  • Changing pivot and lateral direction, adjusting irrigation application rates, setting automatic stop positions, controlling end gun operation and more.
  • Making variable rate irrigation (VRI) plans based on crop soil, field conditions or weather.
  • Monitoring system pressure, operational status, current pivot or lateral location, flow rate, temperature level, voltage and many other variables in real time.

“There’s really nothing like it on the market,” said Albert Maurin, FieldNET product specialist at Lindsay Corporation. “Pivot Control provides growers with an affordable and easy way to take advantage of innovative technology that will help them manage their irrigation resources. And we offer solutions for almost any existing pivot.”

Kirk Olson, a fourth-generation corn grower from Hershey, Nebraska, installed Pivot Control on 32 of his center pivots of multiple brands – including some that are 45 years old.

“Pivot Control makes it easy to have our older pivots operating like the new ones,” Olson said. “We could immediately see the benefits by being able to check and control our entire irrigation system through a computer or smartphone.”

For older Zimmatic pivots with digital panels, adding Premier RTU to BOSS Vision or Advanced AIMS control boxes will allow growers to take full advantage of FieldNET technology without replacing the entire control box.

For more information about FieldNET and FieldNET’s Pivot Control, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit