Converting from Gravity Flow Irrigation to Zimmatic

Converting from Gravity Flow Irrigation to Zimmatic

The following Q&A with Fred Butler of Agri-Lines Irrigation, Parma, Idaho, appeared in a recent Dealer View column of Lindsay’s Irrigation Advances magazine.

Q: How has converting from gravity irrigation to pivots benefited growers in your area?

A. In areas that have significant elevation differences between water sources and field level, some of our local irrigation districts have been actively converting open ditches into enclosed pipelines. Not only does this offer significant water savings, but it also enables the operation of pivots without the need for booster pumps. This capturing of gravity pressure greatly reduces the need for electrical energy, an input that continually increases in cost. Low pressure pivots have been a boon in this endeavor.

Q: Do you see local growers utilizing cost share programs to help fund their operations?

A. Sign-up for EQIP and other cost sharing programs continues to be strong. Each area we deal with has different specifications as to how the money is to be spent. In our local area, the conversion of flood-irrigated ground to sprinklers has been the main focus. In other areas, agencies will share the cost of converting from old, inefficient sprinkler types to new equipment. While qualifying for these programs can be time consuming, they offer an opportunity to increase production, without breaking the budget.

Q: How do you think that Zimmatic irrigation systems match up to the competition?

A. Zimmatic continues to lead in delivering a solid product at a reasonable price. While exciting technology such as FieldNET and Precision VRI become more common, the backbone of the system still remains the solid structure of a Zimmatic pivot.

Q: Tell us about your dealership…

A. Agri-Lines Irrigation serves a four state area. We are employee-owned and headquartered in Parma, Idaho, with stores also located in Grandview, Idaho and Winnemucca, Nevada. We design, build and install complete irrigation systems and are proud to feature Zimmatic products.

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