Converting to Pivot Irrigation

Mechanical move irrigation is a proven method for conserving water, time, labor and chemicals while greatly reducing runoff and contamination of streams/wetlands. And best of all, studies show that in nearly every case, mechanical move irrigation produces higher yields. Switching from flood/furrow irrigation to a Zimmatic system results in:

  • Up to 75% labor savings
  • Up to 45% less water use
  • Energy savings of more than 33%
  • 47% fewer pumping hours for longer pump life
  • More even application for up to 50% higher yields
  • Less runoff for fertilizer and chemical savings

Most producers converting to mechanical move irrigation choose center pivot or lateral move systems. A typical seven-tower Zimmatic pivot will cover 131 acres (53 ha) of a standard quarter section. Zimmatic mobile pivots also give you the option of using one system on multiple fields. A lateral move gives you equal versatility, plus the ability to irrigate up to 98 percent of square or rectangular fields.