Custom Corner System Provides Ultimate Irrigation Flexibility

Today’s growers are looking for new ways to bolster their bottom lines without buying or renting more land – and, for some, that means bringing previously non-irrigated acres into production.

“Adding new acreage has become more challenging in the current market, so growers want to maximize the yield potential of every acre they have,” said Christopher Higgins, global Zimmatic product manager. “Adding a corner system is a great solution, as it can bring 20 percent or more acres into peak production – without purchasing or renting additional land.”

The most technologically advanced corner system on the market, the Zimmatic™ by Lindsay 9500CC Custom Corner System adapts to the unique characteristics of any field. With the widest range of corner water application options available, the 9500CC provides custom watering solutions to meet the requirements of every field. Available options include:

Indicates increased irrigation footprint
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(sprinkler bank control)

An economical solution that provides exceptional uniformity for square fields.

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(sprinkler bank control)

Industry leading water application software provides customized, pinpoint corner water application on fields with irregular boundaries. (SmartChip technology requires a Zimmatic BOSS control panel.)

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9500CC With Precision VRI On the Corner Only

(individual sprinkler control)

The most precise corner solution on the market delivers individual sprinkler control and the flexibility to continuously adjust corner application depths.

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9500CC With Precision VRI On the Full Pivot

(individual sprinkler control)

Designed for systems that require a constant pump flow rate (including the ability to add a corner to an existing system without needing to increase the pump flow rate), as well as fields that have different crop types, planting dates or varying soils. It’s also ideal if you desire “avoid areas” through your field (not just in the corners) or if you need to minimize full circle rotation times.

In addition to the water application options listed above, growers also can choose either buried wire or GPS corner guidance. The combination of these industry-leading options makes the 9500CC the most customizable solution in the industry – meeting the unique needs of every grower and every field.

According to Higgins, the GPS corner guidance option on the 9500CC provides growers with even more flexibility and value over the life of the system.

“With the GPS guided 9500CC, buried wire is eliminated,” he said. “This saves time and labor during installation and allows for easier path adjustment if needed in future growing seasons.”

For more information about the 9500CC Custom Corner System,
talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.