FieldNET® by Lindsay Helps Award-Winning Texas Grower Save Time and Conserve Water

When you’re farming 4,000 acres, you don’t have a lot of spare time. That’s one of the reasons why Texas grower Brent Hendon added FieldNET to his center pivot irrigation system.

“My time is spread pretty thin,” Hendon said. “I decided to invest in FieldNET, because I found that I was spending more of my time checking water than driving the tractor.”

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A fourth-generation grower, Hendon currently runs 30 pivots on farmland that’s been in his family since 1916. He irrigates 2,700 acres of cotton with low elevation spray application (LESA) and uses FieldNET to remotely monitor and manage the pivots from his smartphone.

“FieldNET has really changed the way I use my time,” he said. “It saves me about 3 - 4 hours a day during watering season. I also know immediately when there is a problem, which keeps the pivots from sitting in one place watering for an extended period of time.”

Hendon added that FieldNET also helps him keep track of where and when he’s irrigating – increasing his water efficiency. His overall commitment to efficient cotton production practices earned him the 2017 High Cotton Award for the Southwest Region. The annual award recognizes top cotton producers in each major growing region.

“FieldNET has changed the way I farm, and I don’t know how anyone can operate without it,” he said. “Here in West Texas, it’s always about water. It is incredibly important to have water today and in the future. I want to do everything possible to ensure there is still water available for my son and future generations.”

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