FieldNET - Advanced Technology That’s Easy to Master

From sensors to software, agriculture technology helps growers boost both efficiency and yields. But for those who may be “technology shy,” the rapidly changing world of technology can sometimes be intimidating.

"Once they give it a try, though, they wonder how they ever worked without it."

“For growers who are just starting to integrate technology into their operations, new technology can be a little overwhelming at first,” said Reece Andrews, product manager and FieldNET business manager at Lindsay Corporation. “Once they give it a try, though, they wonder how they ever worked without it.”

Andrews said FieldNET™ by Lindsay is a good example of advanced technology that’s easy to master.

“FieldNET is the industry’s leading remote irrigation management tool,” he said. “It is an integrated water, fertilizer and chemigation solution that helps growers save water, energy, time and money.”

The FieldNET system consists of two components:

  • Hardware that your Zimmatic dealer installs onto existing equipment that can communicate with and be controlled by FieldNET via a secure Internet connection.
  • Software that powers the online platforms, allowing growers to access their equipment in the field from virtually anywhere.

Once the existing equipment is connected, growers have the ability to perform almost every operation from your smartphone, tablet or laptop instead of at the control panel in the field, including the following most common operations:

  • Start and stop your pivot or lateral and any related pumps and accessories.
  • Change pivot and lateral direction, adjust irrigation application rates, set automatic stop position, control end gun operation and more.
  • Quickly and accurately make variable rate irrigation (VRI) plans based on crop soil, field conditions or weather.
  • Monitor system pressure, operational status, current pivot or lateral location, flow rate, temperature level, voltage and many other variables in real time.

“The convenience and efficiency of the system is the most beneficial part of it,” said Nathan Stamp, a grower in southern Alberta, Canada. “We mainly farm in three areas, so the phone application is crucial for monitoring what degrees the pivot is located and how much water is being applied. Everything you can see and do on your pivot box is in the palm of your hands.”


FieldNET gives growers the ability to monitor performance and gain insight into their entire operation and equipment using customizable water and energy reports. It also sends real-time text message alerts when there are potential problems with the system so you’ll immediately know when a pivot shuts down, if someone adjusts the application depth or other key operational status changes occur.

“It’s a game-changer for growers who want to make the most of every drop of water,” Andrews said. “If you’re interested in learning how easy it can be to take advantage of these powerful new capabilities, it’s as simple as talking to your local Zimmatic dealer about FieldNET.”

In the coming weeks, we will share additional information about the innovative irrigation technologies that can be integrated with FieldNET to help growers further maximize productivity – stay tuned!