FieldNET Advisor™– Four Powerful Tools in One

An innovative solution that combines more than 40 years of crop and irrigation research into FieldNET’s proven platform, FieldNET Advisor provides growers with simple, science-based irrigation recommendations.

The technology is actually powered by four tools – each of which provide critical information to help growers determine when to irrigate, where to irrigate and how much to irrigate.

 FieldNET Irrigation Advisor™ – The heart of the solution, Irrigation Advisor tracks the crops’ development stage, root growth, water usage, effective rainfall and the as-applied irrigation history to calculate and track the soil water depletion across the entire field and forecast the crop’s future water requirements. It automatically performs these calculations for each 5-meter by 5-meter square throughout the field, so it’s like having thousands of virtual soils moisture sensors placed throughout the field. 

  FieldNET Crop Advisor™ – Dynamic, proprietary crop growth models track the development of each hybrid, including development stages and root growth, and continuously updates the crop’s forecasted maturity date. The tool also provides an estimate of any yield loss for the remainder of the growing season, if no additional irrigation is applied. This information can help growers make better-informed decisions, especially toward the end of the season when they’re typically left wondering if they need to run their pivots one last circle or not.

  FieldNET Weather Advisor™ – A critical input is weather data, which is why the Weather Advisor uses hyper-local, hyper-accurate field-specific weather data powered by DTN/The Progressive Farmer. It delivers hourly data for the current season-to-date plus a 15-day hourly forecast along with historical norms to project the remainder of the season. The tool also provides the ability to set customized weather alerts, so growers are aware of the changing conditions and are able to react quickly. Furthermore, for fields where an optional Growsmart™ weather station is installed, the data can be seamlessly fed into FieldNET Advisor.

 FieldNET Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Advisor™ – Growers will no longer have to use the same plan throughout the season and struggle to tap into the full potential of variable rate irrigation, because VRI Advisor provides continuously updated water prescriptions based on the dynamically changing field conditions. This is accomplished by leveraging the high-resolution soil water depletion data across the field to generate VRI prescriptions that are dynamically optimized in real time to apply the required amount of water across every zone in the field. VRI Advisor can create both Precision VRI and basic sector VRI plans.

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