FieldNET Advisor™ Unleashes the Full Potential of Variable Rate Irrigation

While field conditions change almost daily, variable rate irrigation plans often remain static.

“It’s not uncommon for growers to make few, if any, changes to the variable rate irrigation plans they entered at the beginning of the growing season,” said Kurtis Charling, agriculture technology professional at Lindsay Corporation. “Because the same plan runs repeatedly, they’re not realizing the full potential of variable rate irrigation.”

But with FieldNET Advisor, Charling said, growers are able to take full advantage of VRI technology.

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“FieldNET Advisor automatically generates variable rate irrigation prescriptions, which are continuously updated to account for actual and forecasted weather, changing crop water requirements and as-applied irrigation,” Charling said. “It leverages the high resolution soil water depletion data across the field to generate VRI prescriptions that are dynamically optimized in real time to apply the require amount of water across every zone in the field.”

FieldNET Advisor can generate both full Precision VRI plans (for growers with Growsmart Precision VRI™ hardware that enables control of each sprinkler nozzle independently) and basic sector VRI plans (pivot speed-based variable rate plans that can be utilized by any pivot with FieldNET remote monitoring and control) – greatly simplifying both.

“This simple, yet powerful, new tool delivers the smartest solution in irrigation,” Charling said. “With FieldNET Advisor, growers can make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions – improving yields while reducing water usage and other input costs.” 

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