FieldNET Advisor – Technology Backed by Proven Results

The newest addition to the FieldNET family of smart irrigation solutions, FieldNET Advisor™ helps growers make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions – improving yields while reducing water usage and other input costs.

Launched last month, our irrigation scientists and software developers spent years optimizing this revolutionary new smart irrigation management solutions, testing and refining the technology through extensive field trials conducted over the past several growing seasons.

On our website, we have posted a case study that details a trial conducted last growing season on corn fields located in north central Nebraska. In this study, FieldNET Advisor performed as expected – delivering critical, science-based information to help determine when to run the irrigation system and how much water to apply. When compared to the control field in this particular study, FieldNET Advisor provided a three percent yield increase while using 17 percent less water – resulting in an almost $35 per acre in increased net profit.

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Overall, real-world field trials showed that FieldNET Advisor:

  • Improves yield output and crop performance by helping to prevent crop water stress and nutrient leaching 
  • Reduces input costs and conserves water by helping to avoid overwatering and the resulting loss of key nutrients
  • Saves time and labor by providing quick, simple and intuitive irrigation management recommendations and alerts

For complete details of the study and more information about FieldNET Advisor, visit