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FACT SHEET – FieldNET Advisor™

  • Launched for corn and soybeans in April 2017
  • Available in 2018 for additional crops, including potatoes
  • Combines more than 40 years of crop and irrigation science with FieldNET's cloud computing capabilities, remote sensing functionality and machine learning to provide growers with field- and crop-specific irrigation recommendations
  • Uses patented technology to deliver information that helps growers decide precisely when, where and how much to irrigate
  • After entering the field’s crop type, hybrids and planting dates, FieldNET Advisor will:
    • Track the available soil water throughout the field by combining a soil map of the field, proprietary and dynamic crop canopy and root growth models, hyper-local weather and the as-applied irrigation history
    • Create a high-resolution map showing the soil water depletion levels across the entire field
    • Forecast the crop’s future water needs and predict when and where, without additional irrigation, yield reduction, due to water stress, will occur – taking into account the severity of the stress and the crop’s yield sensitivity to water at different growth stages
    • Automatically generate variable rate irrigation (VRI) prescriptions, which are continuously updated to account for actual and forecasted weather, changing crop water requirements and as-applied irrigation
    • Immediately implement irrigation plans and monitor their progress
  • Field studies, conducted on corn, showed that the use of remote telemetry resulted in a three percent increase in yield (driving a revenue increase of $25 per acre) and a 17 percent reduction in water usage (a savings of more than 9.25 million gallons on a 130 acre field) as well as a reduction in energy costs of more than $10 per acre. The combination of yield enhancement and resource savings increased profit by $35 per acre.
  • Requires no additional hardware, sensors or probes if FieldNET remote monitoring and control equipment is already installed on the pivot
  • Winner of the 2018 AE50 Outstanding Innovation Award

Download Fact Sheet PDF

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