FieldNET gives Idaho Grower Peace of Mind

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“Irrigation is very crucial to our crops in this desert area, so water timing is critical.”

That’s just one of the reasons Hansen, Idaho, grower Larry Hollifield looks to FieldNET® by Lindsay for remote control and management of his entire irrigation system

“I’ve been a FieldNET user since day one. I love the ability to save travel time and not worry about whether or not the pivot is running,” Hollifield said. “The potatoes and sugar beets grown here are high value, so I like to monitor the fields with a high value product.”

Along with potatoes and sugar beets, barley, wheat, corn, alfalfa and dry beans are grown at Hollifield Ranches. With more than 5,200 acres and 27 pivots, Hollifield’s diverse operation requires an integrated approach. 

FieldNET is a fully integrated wireless management tool that gives Hollifield the ability to see exactly what his systems are doing and control them quickly and easily from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition to his 11 Zimmatic pivots, he has retrofitted competitor’s pivots with FieldNET Pivot control so that he has one user interface to control his entire irrigation system.

“We farm 25 miles east to west, so making sure all machines are running takes a tremendous amount of time and fuel,” he said. “With FieldNET Pivot Control, I can go straight to any problems or be assured the crops are getting irrigated properly. Also, if any changes are needed with the machine, I can make those online without travel, which saves times an fuel.”

In addition to saving time and fuel, Hollifield said FieldNET also gives him peace of mind. 

“My advice to growers – invest in FieldNET and Pivot Control,” he said. “Margins are too tight in this farming world, and irrigation is critical to a great crop. FieldNET and Pivot Control will give you the peace of mind you need and the return on investment you expect.”

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