FieldNET Pivot Control Lite

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FACT SHEET – FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control Lite

  • Launched June, 2017
  • Enables the use of FieldNET technology for remote monitoring and control of center pivot irrigation systems
  • Retrofits existing and earlier model center pivots of any brand – extending FieldNET’s capabilities to a broader range of growers and equipment types
  • Provides a simpler, more cost-effective option for remote irrigation management – a great solution for growers who don’t need or want some of the more premium capabilities that come with full Pivot Control™ - such as remote start
  • Delivers many of FieldNET’s advanced irrigation management capabilities that allows growers to:
    • Check the status of their pivot anytime from virtually anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Receive immediate and customizable text message alerts when the operational status of the pivot changes
    • Remotely change the application depth, reverse or stop the pivot, control the end-gun and run variable rate plans
    • Utilize FieldNET Advisor™, the only fully-integrated smart irrigation management solution that delivers recommendations on when, where and how much to water
    • Work from a single, consistent platform that saves time, water and labor
  • Mounts at the end-of-the pivot for easy installation and flexibility to move from one pivot to another on leased or rotational land
  • Includes an optional cable theft detection package, so even when the pivot is powered off, it’s actively monitoring the span cable
  • Winner of the 2018 AE50 Outstanding Innovation Award
  • Named one of the World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Products for 2018 

Download Fact Sheet PDF

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