FieldNET Proves to be a Game Changer for Growers

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Wireless Technology Generates Buzz at World Ag Expo 2016

Less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources and greater control of operations – those are the benefits growers say they are realizing with award-winning FieldNET® by Lindsay, the nation’s leading wireless irrigation system.

On display this week at World Ag Expo 2016, FieldNET is attracting the attention of growers who are looking to integrate the latest technology into their irrigation systems.

“FieldNET is a fully-integrated wireless management tool that lets growers control their systems from almost anywhere,” said Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay Corporation. “With FieldNET, growers have the ability to monitor and control pivots, laterals, pumps and sensors from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, resulting in long-term savings on energy, water, chemicals and labor.”

Texas grower Brian Bezner agrees. With more than 10,000 irrigated acres and 57 pivots, he relies on FieldNET to save time and money.

“The top benefit of FieldNET would be water optimization and not having things broken down in one place for a long time,” he said. The second thing would be time, just not having to drive 30, 40 miles to go check on something – doing it from an iPad or iPhone. It also saves a lot of wear and tear on vehicles.”

Andrews added that with new FieldNET Pivot Control, growers can retrofit almost any brand of pivot to full remote irrigation control and monitoring capabilities.

“Because farms are consolidating, multiple brands are being used,” Andrews said. “Products such as FieldNET and Pivot Control allow these operators to have one user interface on any system, regardless of brand or control panel. Increasingly, growers want to be able to control their entire irrigation system, from pivots to the pumps and sensors, remotely and wirelessly from either their smartphones, tablets or computers.”

Pivot Control comes standard with 360-sector Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), offering twice the number of sectors available on most basic VRI products. Growers working with agronomists and crop specialists to analyze their unique field conditions can upload custom prescriptions to FieldNET with the touch of a button.

“There’s really nothing else like it on the market. Pivot Control provides growers with an affordable and easy way to own features that more effectively and conveniently manage irrigation resources,” Andrews said.