FieldNET Puts the Latest Irrigation Technology in the Palm of Your Hand

“I don’t have to be on location to know what’s going on,” said Mississippi grower Dale Weaver. “Anything you would be able to see when you’re standing at the panel, you can see from a smartphone.”

Like other FieldNET subscribers, Weaver enjoys the benefits of smart pivot control technology that puts a full-color, touchscreen interface in the palm of his hand – giving him the ability to monitor and control his irrigation system from the edge of his field and from the edge of the clouds.

“I can be off doing something else, like flying my airplane, and at any time, I can pull my iPhone out to see where the pivot is, what the pressures are, what the position of it is - you name it,” he said. 

With FieldNET, Weaver also has the ability to

  • Create variable rate irrigation (VRI) plans
  • Set auto stops
  • Create usage reports
  • Control end guns
  • Monitor and control pumps
  • Control drip systems
  • Simplify chemigation
  • Receive real time status updates and alerts

“Four out of five pivots are 15 miles from my house, that’s a 30-mile round-trip. With FieldNET, I can monitor them constantly,” he said. “Just a couple clicks and you see exactly what’s happening. If a pivot goes down and is down for 6-12 hours before you know it, you’ve lost that time. FieldNET lets you stay on top of things. If there’s a problem, you can fix it immediately rather than not knowing until you get there.”

In addition to peace of mind, Weaver said FieldNET also boosts his bottom line.

“It saves me time, water and money,” Weaver said. “FieldNET lets me know exactly what’s going on, and I don’t have to wonder. I can just relax and know it’s going okay,” he said. “

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