The Zimmatic FieldPLUS articulated pivot system allows you to irrigate portions of your land previously unreachable by standard pivots. if you've got a livestock yard, shed, utility pole or any other obstruction preventing you from irrigating a section of your field, the FieldPLUS system is your ticket to greater production. The FieldPLUS system is easy to use, reliable and quick to configure.

FieldPLUS Benefits:

  • Bring more acres under irrigation to increase yields 
  • Customize a system for your problem field 
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with quality construction and design 
  • Save time with realignment to standard pivot 
  • Add to your existing Zimmatic system


Zimmatic GPS Positioning

Add the power of the Growsmart GPS Position System for more precise control of water and chemicals – and add irrigated acres to increase your ROI.


Zimmatic FieldPLUS Pivoting Joints

The exclusive FieldPLUS joint can be placed at any tower, allowing the creation of a system that is customized for a particular field.

Automatic Realignment

The pivoting joint assembly automatically realigns the entire system allowing it to function as a standard pivot.


FieldPLUS Retrofit

The FieldPLUS pivoting joint can be quickly and easily retrofitted to most existing Zimmatic irrigation systems.

Multiple Joints

For ultimate flexibility, multiple joints can be used on a single machine.