Former Football Player Moves from One Field to Another

Sam Hahn, a former offensive lineman for the Nebraska Cornhusker football team, is working on a different kind of field this fall.

“I’m helping my dad work on our family’s farm, which is located in southeast Nebraska – near DeWitt,” Hahn said. “We have about 600 acres. Corn and soybeans are the cash crops and we grow alfalfa, too. We also have about 40 head of cattle.”

The Hahn’s irrigate approximately 400 acres. They have three pivots, two of which are equipped with FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control – giving them full remote monitoring and control capabilities.

“Pivot Control was very easy to install. It only took the technicians one morning to put it on both pivots,” Hahn said. “FieldNET is very easy to use. I showed my dad how to use it and he picked it up very quickly, too. We’re small and kind of old school, so it’s great for us to be exposed to this kind of technology.”

Hahn likes that FieldNET sends alerts if there’s a problem with his pivot, so he can act quickly to fix it. He said his dad, James, likes being able to monitor and control his pivots anytime from anywhere. 

“He really likes how easy it is to monitor the pivots – especially at night. That’s a big deal for someone not really used to technology,” Hahn said. “He also was able to monitor his pivots when he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. I know he did too, because when he got home, he knew I sent them around again when it was hot and dry. He was checking up on me.”

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“Before FieldNET Advisor, we used the look and see method when deciding when to irrigate. We would check the soil for color, texture, etc.,” Hahn said. “Now, we just enter our crop and field data and FieldNET Advisor takes it from there. It lets us know when the crop needs water.” 

Hahn said he has been confident with FieldNET Advisor’s recommendations, which were especially important this year.

“It’s been an up and down season – cool and wet, then hot and dry and back to cool and wet again,” he said. “FieldNET Advisor helped us decide when to irrigate, so we could make sure the crop had the water it needed.”

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