From Pump to Pivot – Dee River Ranch Represents the Future of Irrigated Agriculture

Photo courtesy of Michael J. Moore Photography

We’re very proud of Zimmatic customer Annie Dee – a finalist for Farm Journal’s 2016 Top Producer of the Year.

Dee is the CEO of Dee River Ranch – her family’s 10,000-acre operation located near Aliceville, Alabama. The business includes a successful cattle operation along with 4,000 crop acres split between corn and soybeans.

Recognized for innovation and a strong commitment to soil and water conservation, Dee’s operation showcases the latest in Lindsay’s integrated irrigation technology and products – a system that, since 2011, has given her a 31 percent return on her irrigation investment.

After making the decision to transition to irrigated production, Dee and her team worked with our experts to design a whole-farm irrigation system that continues to be one of the most energy-efficient systems in the U.S.

The system has grown to include 18 center pivots mounted with Zimmatic® BOSS control panels. They also utilize Growsmart® GPS satellite positioning for precise pivot position and end-gun control as well as chemigation and fertigation capabilities.

FieldNET® wireless irrigation management provides the Dees with full remote control and monitoring of all pivots and pumps and sends real-time alerts if there are performance issues.

The pivots are fed by a 110-acre reservoir built on idle land. Five Watertronics 150-hp pumps supply water to 2,850 acres of corn and soybeans. Variable frequency drive (VFD) control technology is used to reduce energy consumption and cost by automatically adjusting to water pressure and flow requirements of the system.

All of the system’s components are linked via remote networking and broadband Internet from ezWireless, a Lindsay company. Antennas, including an 80-foot tall base station tower, power the cloud that connects all of the Dee River Ranch pumps, pivots and ancillary devices. They also provide on-farm, high-speed Internet capability over a 20 square mile area.

“This was one of the biggest integrated projects that we have been involved with,” said Rodney Mast, of H&R Agri-Power, a Zimmatic dealership. “It was very rewarding to see the various elements of the Lindsay Advantage come together to help the Dees meet their objectives.”

“Dee River Ranch showcases the cutting-edge technology of a durable, rugged irrigation system and high-tech controls,” added John Atkinson, director of Key Accounts at Lindsay. “Annie Dee and her brother Mike have documented higher yields while reducing labor, water and energy costs.”

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