GearLife XL Lube

Maximize the life of your gearbox for reliable performance

This new aftermarket oil offers the highest rating in the mechanized irrigation industry (GL5), providing high corrosion protection and superior lubrication.

Compared to GearLife XL Lube, standard gearbox oil lacks complete protection and coverage. Standard oil drips off gears, creating leaks that let in harmful moisture resulting in rough starts.

GearLife XL Lube works with all gearbox brands, and is the recommended replacement oil for gearboxes after the first season break-in and settle period.

Why GearLife XL Lube is beneficial:

  • Thixotropic properties allow oil to thin when worked for smooth start-up, and quickly thicken to form a water-resistant seal during long periods of idle time
  • Advanced formula addresses oil leakage through worn seals*
  • Specially formulated oil exceeds industry GL5 standards to protect against excessive wear
  • Industry-leading corrosion protection
* Dependent on wear of gearbox seals, this lubrication may stop leaks.

GearLife XL Lube Images