Growsmart by Lindsay Now Offers Exclusive In-Riser Magnetic Flow Meter

Growsmart® by Lindsay has announced the launch of its exclusive in-riser magnetic flow meter. Available for new and aftermarket pivots, the meter is integrated into the pivot point, which allows for the most accurate readings.

“The riser pipe is the best spot for accuracy because, unlike horizontal pipes, the riser pipe is always 100 percent full,” said Christopher Higgins, global Zimmatic product manager. “Another benefit of our approach is that no heavy equipment is required and there is no cutting and welding of delivery pipes needed for installation, which saves growers money.”

Now required in many areas, flow meters help growers better manage water resources.  With a flow meter, they can keep track of their water allocation, check irrigation efficiency, determine pumping plant efficiency and detect any well or pump problems before they become severe.

“Flow meters are the only broadly accepted way to measure the use of the resource we are trying to conserve,” said Jasper Fanning, general manager of Nebraska’s Upper Republican NRD. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t regulate the use. The only way a producer can optimize their water application is if they know exactly how much they are applying every time they push start.”

Imperial, Nebraska grower Dick Harberg understands the importance of water conservation and relies on Growsmart® by Lindsay magnetic flow meters to take the guesswork out of water usage.

“Every drop of water in the United States is very valuable, and we need to be precise with what we are doing with it,” Harberg said. “We need a fair amount to raise our crops, but we don’t need to use extra. I honestly think that famers are one of the best stewards of the ground and that 99 percent of all farmers are very interested in being conservative. If you don’t have a flow meter, you honestly don’t have a way to know how much water you’re using.”

For more information about Growsmart flow meters, including the in-riser option, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit