If It’s Remotely Possible – FieldNET Can Do It

From pivots and laterals to drip and micro-irrigation, FieldNET is the industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-use irrigation management solution.

“We grow wine grapes, cotton, alfalfa, corn, peanuts and sorghum on 3,500 acres in Hockley County, Texas,” said grower Steve Newsom. “We irrigate 2,000 acres with drip, and we have 1,000 under pivot and other irrigation methods. FieldNET gives us the ability to efficiently manage our entire irrigation operation.”

With everything in one powerful application, FieldNET gives growers, like Newsom, the ability to:

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  • Control all equipment, from pivots and laterals to drip control valves to chemical and fertilizer injectors and filter flush cycles
  • Monitor and record water usage and energy usage
  • Expand capabilities with plug-and-play add-ons (soil sensors, weather stations and magnetic flow meters)
  • Keep up-to-date with real-time alerts and insights
  • Monitor weather information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed
  • Run and archive reports

“With FieldNET, we are able to monitor and avoid downtime and overwatering. We are also able to do more with fewer employees,” Newsom said. “It helps with managing different crops in the same fields without wasting water or energy. It also helps us manage downtime, as we immediately know if there are any issues.”

FieldNET also gives Newsom the ability to start and stop pivots from anywhere, which, he said, helps make better use of labor.

“I would absolutely recommend FieldNET to other growers,” he said.

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