Intelligent Pump Solutions for Every Grower

Whether you have a single pump or a fully automated pump station, FieldNET™ by Lindsay provides the customization, remote monitoring and control capability growers need to maximize efficiency – saving labor, water and energy use.

“FieldNET technology gives growers quick and easy access to view the operating status and control pumps and key system sensors from virtually anywhere,” said Chip Carlson, chief operating officer at Watertronics™, a Lindsay company. “With optional subscription-based service levels, growers can choose the appropriate service level for their needs.”

Depending on your existing or planned irrigation equipment in the field and the amount of remote monitoring and control you desire, FieldNET offers a range of solutions from “good” to “best” to meet your specific needs. If you’re unsure which solution you need, Carlson recommends that you work with your local Zimmatic Dealer to understand the specific system that’s right for your operation, whether it’s a new pump or retrofit application.

Good – Wireless Pump Control

This Growsmart by Lindsay platform is designed to offer simple on/off control of a single pump. Benefits include:

  • The ability to wirelessly and remotely start or stop the pump
  • Any time access for auxillary start/stop

Better – FieldNET Advance

FieldNET Advance enhances control, allowing for:

  • Access up to eight sensors or controllers per Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU), including relays to stop/start pumps and/or auxiliaries, inputs to monitor pressure, tank level, voltage, or several other available sensors and controllers
  • Gain advanced monitoring capabilities for remote management
  • Quickly check status and run reports of customized sensors
  • Link multiple RTUs together to expand capabilities and integrate additional sensors
  • Create customizable alerts to let you know in real-time when the operational status changes or other user-defined criteria changes

Best – FieldNET Premier

FieldNET Premier is designed for advanced Watertronics pump stations and variable frequency drive (VFD) panels that provide maximum efficiency. This fully automated and integrated system includes:

  • A full function Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that provides customizable pump automation for controlling a single pump or up to 13 pumps.
  • Dynamic Demand Control (DDC) that enables pumps and pivots to communicate with each other to deliver significant energy savings.  FieldNET Premier assures that the only the minimum pressure required by each pivot is delivered. FieldNET continually updates the field pressure requirements to the DDC enabled Watertronics pump controls, which adjusts the pump discharge pressure on-the-fly.
  • Flow disparity monitoring. FieldNET Premier monitors pivot demand versus pump station output and sends alerts or shuts down the pump station in the event of a flow disparity.   
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) saves energy and system wear by regulating pump speed to maintain setpoint pressure.

Kentucky grower Brandon Hunt replaced his old pump – a diesel motor with a centrifugal pump on the back of it – with a new Watertronics pumping station that is powered by FieldNET.

“Everything is fully integrated with FieldNET – our pivots, pumps, moisture sensors, weather station – everything is tied to FieldNET,” he said. “It’s phenomenal. I’m not sure how we managed without it, because it really simplifies life. Agriculture has evolved, and we’re doing much more than we used to – but with the same amount of limited time. FieldNET helps me manage my time – and that’s a huge benefit.”

For more information about FieldNET and intelligent pump control, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit