Irrigation Association Outlines Nine Key Principles of Efficient Agricultural Irrigation

The growing global population is challenging us to find better ways to conserve water and meet the demand for fuel, fiber and food.

Knowing that agricultural irrigation will play a crucial role in achieving those goals, the Irrigation Association has released the Principles of Efficient Agricultural Irrigation, a report that details important steps growers should take to achieve maximum water efficiency, including:

  • Consulting professionals when designing, installing and maintaining an irrigation system
  • Selecting appropriate irrigation methods
  • Fully understanding the water supply, soil type and crop water needs
  • Using technology to conserve water while achieving yield goals
  • Implementing irrigation scheduling to determine when to irrigate and how much water to apply
  • Maintaining accurate records

At Lindsay Corporation, we support the mission of the Irrigation Association, and we are committed to developing products and technologies that help growers improve yields while reducing water usage and other input costs.

For example, we recently launched FieldNET Advisor™ – a tool that simplifies and automates many of the actions recommended in the Irrigation Association’s report. Using patented technology, FieldNET Advisor delivers the information growers need to make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions.  

“FieldNET Advisor truly takes irrigation management to the next level,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president of technology products at Lindsay Corporation. “Based on years of proven crop research, FieldNET Advisor helps growers make better-informed decisions about when to run their irrigation systems and how much water to apply – helping improve yields while reducing overwatering and the related input costs and nutrient losses.”

The Irrigation Association is the leading membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributers, designers, consultants, contractors and end users. The organization is dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation technologies, products and services. For more information, visit

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