It's never been easier to upgrade to full control

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Introducing FieldNET® Pivot Control

"You can take that 30-year-old pivot and bring it right up to date with Pivot Control," said Jared Gardner, a grower in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

He knows what he's talking about since he purchased a farm with different brands of existing pivots. "We rent and own 18 pivots, and Pivot Control has everything right there at my fingertips. I open up the FieldNET app to monitor them all at once and it's very convenient."


High-performance technology for almost any pivot

Pivot Control is a new way to easily manage your irrigation since FieldNET's wireless capabilities will enhance the effectiveness of your whole operation. It's compatible with almost any pivot, providing a single consistent irrigation experience.

"A big advantage for me is I only have to train my employees on one platform versus three. It's very intuitive with its universal symbols – anybody can figure it out if they look at it for 30 seconds," Gardner said.


A breakthrough product

In a matter of seconds, you can check your entire irrigation system, making life easier and your operation more efficient. One of the main differentiators is that FieldNET Pivot Control is mounted at the pivot point, which offers in-field control and is more reliable than end-mounted products for superior accuracy and greater flexibility.


  Precise control with basic Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Pivot Control also features 360-sector basic VRI, offering twice the number of sectors available on other basic VRI products. This allows you to change application rates and speed while controlling pumps and injectors.

You (or your agronomist/crop specialist) can upload to FieldNET most precision ag software platforms via CSV files. Adjusting plans using FieldNET helps you improve precision application and timing throughout the irrigation season.

According to agronomist Lamar LaPorte, it's very easy. "Once you've created your prescription and saved it in a CSV format, it's basically a couple of clicks to upload the table to FieldNET."


What Pivot Control offers:


Key benefits of Pivot Control:

  • Most robust set of features for the price
  • Saves time, water, energy, labor and chemicals
  • No additional hardware needed


If you've tried other remote control products or haven't made the switch to remote control technology, now is the time to get FieldNET Pivot Control.                     

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