July Is Smart Irrigation Month

by Elizabeth McCartney
Sr. Policy and Advocacy Manager, Irrigation Association

In July, there is more to celebrate than just Independence Day.

Smart Irrigation Month, an initiative led by the Irrigation Association, takes place throughout the month of July. Now in its 13th year, Smart Irrigation Month promotes the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation. As the leading membership organization in the irrigation industry, the Irrigation Association seeks to advance its mission of “promoting efficient irrigation” through this annual celebration of smart irrigation.

Efficient irrigation offers year-round benefits for agriculture. As pressure grows to reduce water consumption, efficient irrigation helps minimize the amount of water lost to runoff and evaporation. Smart irrigation technology can also use data such as soil type, soil moisture, crop type and weather conditions to provide specific irrigation recommendations. These recommendations allow growers to conserve water, as well as provide the potential for increased yields.

“Smart Irrigation Month is essential to our industry,” said John Farner, IA government and public affairs director. “It allows us to spread the word about the incredible importance of using water efficiently, while promoting the value of irrigated agriculture.”

Throughout July, Smart Irrigation Month will feature

  • public awareness activities to promote the value of efficient irrigation.
  • social media promotions to highlight smart irrigation technology.
  • advocacy efforts to benefit the irrigation industry.

Information about how to get involved can be found at You can also use #SmartIrrigationMonth on your favorite social media platform to help promote the importance of efficient irrigation.

Don’t let Smart Irrigation Month come and go without celebrating the many benefits that efficient irrigation has to offer.