Lindsay Introduces Innovative Products and Technology That Enhance Irrigation Efficiency

February 1, 2015


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Lindsay Introduces Innovative Products and Technology
That Enhance Irrigation Efficiency
Featured at the 2015 SIMA International Agri-Business Show


(Omaha, Neb.) February 2015 — Lindsay Corporation is featuring a range of leading-edge products at the 2015 SIMA International Agri-Business Show that enhance irrigation efficiency:

  1. Zimmatic® by Lindsay NFTrax airless wheel assembly.
  2. Growsmart® by Lindsay MULTI-CONTROL 4-in-1 controller for drip and micro-irrigation.
  3. FieldNET® by Lindsay remote irrigation management.
  4. LAKOS irrigation separators and filtration solutions.
  5. Watertronics® custom pumping solutions.
  6. Perrot by Lindsay hose reels.

The NFTrax airless wheel assembly, one of Lindsay's newest products, has received recognition as a Special Mention winner of the 2015 SIMA Innovation Award. The patent-pending NFTrax will never go fl­at and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum – saving time, labor and replacement costs. Compared to pneumatic and solid tires, NFTrax helps growers avoid tread damage, punctures and eliminates air pressure checks, allowing trouble-free operation throughout the season. In addition, it reduces wheel rut depth, and controls water runoff and track erosion. It’s now backed by a 3-year warranty.

Lindsay’s MULTI-CONTROL for drip and micro irrigation has also received recent significant industry recognition in the United States, including the Irrigaion Association’s Best New Agricultural Product. Together with FieldNET, MULTI-CONTROL remotely controls the entire system, saving water by automating when and how much to apply, and alerting growers to issues such as pressure or flow disparities due to leaks and clogs that can result in inefficiencies.

FieldNET provides an integrated water, fertilizer, chemigation solution with real-time alerts, people and equipment management tools, remote control of pivots, laterals, drip, end guns, injectors and pumps, and the ability to monitor and record everything from water and energy usage to rainfall and humidity.

“Throughout our product development, we talk to growers to hear what could make their farming practices easier and more efficient,” said Reece Andrews, FieldNET Business Manager. “They need products and technology that make the most of their operations to add value, reduce risk, and maximize every growing season.” 

Lindsay has a full line of field-tested products that increase efficiency, including LAKOS patented sand separators and filtration solutions to maximize water flow and irrigation uniformity, reduce waste, and prevent premature equipment wear. The sand separators employ centrifugal action to remove sand, grit, and scale from pumped water. A Watertronics pump station will help maintain consistent water delivery for more uniform water application. 

For odd-shaped fields, corners or fields that are not adjacent to each other, Perrot by Lindsay hose-reels are ideal irrigators. These systems have been designed to be easy to move and easy to operate. They are designed and built at Lindsay Europe and incorporate more than 35 years of irrigation experience in their quality construction and materials.  A full range of models integrates a new electronic speed control with new opportunities for programming and a very competitive GSM option. All models are available with French road accreditation for obtaining a registration certificate.

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