Managing Irrigation Wheel Track Problems - Available Options Reduce Downtime and Rutting

January 4, 2017


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Managing Irrigation Wheel Track Problems

Available Options Reduce Downtime and Rutting 

(OMAHA, Neb.) – January 2017 — While center pivot track management is fairly routine for most growers, those working in more challenging fields often need to consider alternatives to standard tires. 

One such option is Zimmatic® by Lindsay radial tires. A high performance alternative to bias tire options, radial tire construction lessens severe wheel tracking and compaction beneath sprinklers, while reducing overall drivetrain wear and tear. In addition, the rugged radial tire design cuts maintenance costs by reducing flats in the field.

“The radial offers 60 percent more footprint than 11.2” x 38” bias tires along with a wider, stronger tread face and durable side wall,” said Christopher Higgins, global Zimmatic product manager. “It fits a standard 10” x 38” wheel and no tube is needed.”

For those looking for an airless wheel assembly, Higgins recommends NFTrax. With a revolutionary design, NFTrax will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum – saving time, labor and replacement costs.

Sammy Stahl, Irrigation Manager at Stahl farms in Moses Lake, Washington, installed three sets of NFTrax on his standard eight-tower Zimmatic pivot to irrigate 130 acres of potatoes.

“Each flat tire is an hour of downtime – if you catch it in time,” Stahl said. “If not, you’ll have a driveline that goes bad, and it can possibly put a lot of strain on the gearbox.”

NFTrax has a heavy-duty vulcanized rubber belt with steel cable core that is tensioned over 10 drive points for ideal weight distribution, flexibility and traction.  Because it applies even pressure across the entire belt surface, NFTrax adapts to terrain without creating deep ruts and moves over field obstructions without getting stuck.

“NFTrax is a home run deal,” Stahl said. “Not having to check for flat tires is a major breakthrough, because there is so much less downtime.”

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