Maximize Profitability with Variable Rate Irrigation

In part one of our series on variable rate irrigation, our Sam Haider explained how this technology is changing the way growers apply water to their crops.

“With variable rate irrigation (VRI) growers have the ability to control the amount of water that’s applied to different areas of their fields,” said Haider, vice president of international business development at Lindsay Corporation.

There are two types of VRI – basic (also known as sectional, sector-based or speed-based) and precision.

“With basic VRI, the field is divided like a pie chart,” Haider said. “Basic VRI allows growers to automatically speed up and slow down the pivot as it moves through the field, applying more water in some sectors and less water in others,” Haider said. “Precision VRI is much more flexible and gives growers the ability to customize, with pinpoint accuracy, the right amount of water or chemicals for each area of the field – maximizing yields and profitability.”

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Haider recommends Growsmart® Precision VRI in fields that have:

  • Different crops under the same pivot
  • Crops with different maturity dates
  • Crops with different planting dates
  • Multiple soil types
  • Roads or drainage ditches under the pivot
  • Ponds, creeks or wet spots under the pivot

“Precision VRI saves time and water,” Haider said. “Water is saved through matching irrigation to soil characteristics and avoiding tracks, drains or unproductive land. Nodes control each individual sprinkler to turn on or off, or pulsate according to field position and desired application depth. Each sprinkler is controlled by a field-proven magnetic latching solenoid valve that’s built to last.”

Precision VRI is compatible with most pivot and lateral brands and can be integrated with FieldNET® by Lindsay for remote monitoring and control.

“With FieldNET’s platform, growers can customize their water application and manage VRI remotely,” Haider said. “It all adds up to less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources and greater control for their operations.”

To learn more about Growsmart Precision VRI and how it can benefit your operation, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit