Mid-Season Sprinkler Checks Ensure Peak Performance

“Any time you’re in the field” – that’s the answer Aaron Sauser gives growers who ask how often they should check the sprinklers on their pivots.

“It’s really important to check the sprinklers regularly – especially before the crop outgrows the sprinkler height and before fertigation or chemigation” Sauser, a sprinkler and VRI specialist at Lindsay Corporation, said. “With frequent checks, growers can discover potential problems that could result in poor yields, inconsistent fields and crops and, most of all, lost revenue.”

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To ensure peak performance throughout the growing season, Sauser recommends checking for the following:

  • Plugged or worn nozzles
  • Leaking regulators
  • Sprinklers not rotating properly
  • Improper pressure at the pivot point and end gun
  • Broken sprinkler parts

“They may seem like minor problems, but if the sprinklers aren’t working properly, the crop is likely getting too much or too little water. Either way, the end result is yield loss,” Sauser said. “Simple, routine checks can ensure the water application is uniform and adequate.”

For more information about sprinkler maintenance or replacement packages, talk to your local Zimmatic™ by Lindsay dealer.