Mobile App Leads to Improved Irrigation Performance

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Determining the efficiency of your pumping plant is now as easy as entering a few numbers on your smartphone or tablet. 

With the IrrigatePump app you can identify irrigation pumping plants that are underperforming and need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced with a better design. The app also estimates potential savings of system upgrades for plants powered by diesel, electricity, gasoline, natural gas or propane.

Developed by University of Nebraska Extension, the app will direct you to input six numbers related to your pumping plant – lift, pressure at discharge, fuel price, beginning and ending water meter measures and total fuel used. The app then calculates a pumping plant performance rating along with an estimated cost to bring the pumping plant up to the Nebraska Pumping Plant Performance Criteria (NPC), a standard used by irrigation designers worldwide. The app also estimates the number of years necessary to pay back an upgrade investment at various interest rates.

The IrrigatePump app is available for download on both Apple ($3.99) and Android ($1.99) devices.