New FieldNET® Pivot Control

November 4, 2015


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New FieldNET® Pivot Control Upgrades Nearly Any Pivot Brand
Growers gain full remote monitoring and variable rate irrigation control with a simple, economical upgrade


(OMAHA, Neb.) – November 2015 – Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic® irrigation systems, will showcase FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control at the Irrigation Association Show 2015 held Nov. 11-12 in Long Beach, California. Pivot Control is the industry’s first solution for upgrading almost any almost any brand of pivot to full remote irrigation control and monitoring capabilities.

An entry in the Best New Ag Product competition, FieldNET Pivot Control recently was selected as a 2016 AE50 winner by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

By providing a single consistent experience, Pivot Control eliminates the need to manage multiple irrigation system brands, which saves time and reduces chances of operator error. Kirk Olson, a fourth-generation corn grower from Hershey, Nebraska, installed the system on 32 of his center pivots of multiple brands – including some that are 45 years old.

“Pivot Control makes it easy to have our older pivots operating like the new ones,” Olson said. “We could immediately see the benefits by being able to check and control our entire irrigation system through a computer or smartphone.”

Unlike other remote irrigation control products, Pivot Control mounts at the pivot point and combines with GPS at the end of the pivot for increased precision and greater flexibility. Growers can operate their pivot in the field at the control box or remotely using FieldNET. Both elements automatically update together, minimizing the chance for user error. From a smartphone, tablet, or computer, growers can control their pivots and equipment, including pumps, injectors, and monitor sensors for pressure, flow, soil moisture, rainfall, temperature, and other devices in the future.

Reece Andrews, FieldNET business manager for Lindsay, says growers who want to reduce labor costs and increase overall irrigation efficiency in their operations will benefit from Pivot Control.

“Because farms are consolidating, multiple pivot brands are being used,” Andrews said. “Products such as FieldNET and Pivot Control allow these operators to have one user interface on any system, regardless of brand or control panel. Increasingly, growers want to be able to control their entire irrigation system, from the pivots to the pumps and sensors, remotely and wirelessly from either their smartphones, tablets or computers.”

Pivot Control comes standard with 360-sector Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), offering twice the number of sectors available on most basic VRI products. Growers working with agronomists and crop specialists to analyze their unique field conditions can upload custom prescriptions to FieldNET with a touch of a button.

“VRI makes it easy for growers to work with agronomists and crop advisors to create irrigation recommendations that are unique to the field and crop conditions. For example, instead of applying one inch of water for a full circle, VRI allows growers to apply the right amount of water to each sector of the field according to its unique needs,” Andrews said.

Sutton, Nebraska, grower Dustin Nunnenkamp recently installed Pivot Control on 12 of his older pivots and especially likes the VRI capabilities it provides.

“One of the main reasons we went with Pivot Control is because we use variable rate irrigation in our operation. It allows us to speed up or slow down our pivots according to soil types and the unique water holding capacity of the soils. It makes irrigation much easier and much more precise,” Nunnenkamp said.

Pivot Control takes over the existing pivot, giving the grower full access to precision irrigation control and convenient monitoring.

“There’s really nothing else like it on the market. Pivot Control provides growers an affordable and easy way to own features that can more effectively and conveniently manage irrigation resources,” Andrews said.

For more information, stop by the Zimmatic® by the Lindsay booth (#1626) at the Irrigation Association Show 2015, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.

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