New from Lindsay: Soil Moisture Monitor, Weather Station

Soil moisture monitor probe.Soil moisture monitoring and a weather station are now available as part of the Growsmart® by Lindsay product line.

These plug-and-play add-ons use 
a wireless connection to report relevant weather and soil water data from the field to a secure customer account on the Web. FieldNET by Lindsay software and supporting mobile apps provide the graphical user interface, convenience and reporting growers need to make more informed irrigation decisions.


Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay, says the Growsmart sensors are designed to provide information that enhances irrigation management using FieldNET’s management tools, which allow growers to remotely monitor and control their entire irrigation system.

“Integrating soil moisture and the weather station with FieldNET allows growers one easy-to-use platform that controls pumps and pivots, records water and energy usage, tracks soil moisture levels and trends, and logs local weather station information.

Growers are automatically notified about 
conditions that require action,” he says.

Soil Moisture Monitor

The soil moisture
 monitor and probes 
can be named for quick 
reference and linked to
 the associated fields. Soil moisture trends are illustrated
 in easy-to-read graphs
 and provide current trending and season-over-season history.

Soil moisture monitoring can help growers decide when to apply irrigation and alert growers if they are over-watering, which wastes not only water but also energy. The soil moisture monitor can also help reduce runoff and leaching, and decrease fertigation and chemigation costs.

Weather Station

The state-of-the-art weather station includes sensors for wind speed 
and direction, solar radiation, air temperature, humidity, precipitation and calculated evapotranspiration.
 A low-maintenance tipping rain bucket is included as part of the weather station. Historical records are maintained for quick access, with trending charts together on one page.

Jon Schram recently installed several of the soil moisture sensors in his irrigated corn and soybean fields.

“The soil moisture sensors allow
 me to monitor the soil moisture
 more accurately and make irrigation decisions accordingly,” Schram says. “FieldNET works great to monitor and control my whole irrigation system, even when I’m away from the farm and on vacation. It’s a great service.”

Andrews added, “The new soil moisture monitor and weather station are designed for quick access to field feedback that can result in better overall irrigation management and improved crop yield and quality.”

For more information, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.