New MAXfield GPS Guidance Gives Growers Added Precision, Flexibility

New MAXfield GPS Guidance Gives Growers Added Precision, Flexibility

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, launches MAXfield GPS Guidance – GPS positioning for MAXfield Custom corner systems.

MAXfield GPS Guidance utilizes a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction signal, emitted from a built-in base station, to provide a precise corner arm path, without the need for traditional buried wire guidance.

“Adding MAXfield GPS Guidance to a corner system provides additional flexibility during installation and operation of the system,” says Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic product manager. “Trenching of underground guidance wire is not required, saving time and expense during installation and service.”

“It also improves a corner system’s adaptability by allowing for changes to a field’s boundaries without retrenching. When a grower enters the new field coordinates, Lindsay’s SmartDesign mapping tool easily creates a new, highly precise path,” he says.

The MAXfield Corner control panel provides real-time information and diagnostics for easy in-field adjustments. In addition Lindsay’s patent pending GPS Guidance Safety Control board provides an extra level of support to ensure the corner operates correctly at all times.

GPS Guidance is available with new MAXfield Corner and MAXfield 4×4 machines, or as a retrofit option for growers with existing MAXfield corner systems, according to Hoffman.

For more information about MAXfield GPS Guidance, contact your local Zimmatic dealer or visit our Zimmatic website.