New Product Provides Alternative to Standard Gearbox Oil

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Developed by Lindsay’s world-class engineering experts, GearLife XL Lube thins when worked and thickens when idle. Its thixotropic properties allow for the lubrication to solidify and form a water-resistant seal, preventing leaks and keeping out harmful moisture. With the fastest solidification on the market, dripping out of worn seals is minimized or even eliminated.

Unlike most oils that run off gears immediately after stopping, GearLife XL Lube’s high surface tension allows it to stay on the gears for a longer period of time. When combined with the thixotropic properties that gel the lubrication, a thick layer of oil covers all moving surfaces for smooth, efficient operation.

In independent testing, GearLife XL Lube exceeded GL5 standards that offer higher load carrying characteristics, superior corrosion resistance and industry leading wear properties. It is compatible with all wheel gearbox brands and is recommended as replacement oil after the first season break-in and settle period.

GearLife XL Lube will keep pivots running smoothly, avoiding downtime and higher operating costs and, with proper maintenance, results in better reliability, longer life and a more productive growing season.

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