The new patent-pending NFTrax is the most revolutionary wheel design ever introduced to the field of mechanized irrigation. It combines pneumatic properties with all new design concepts to maximize performance, specifically for irrigation applications. This ideal wheel design not only provides incredible traction, consistent performance and limits downtime, but also improves wheel tracking over standard pneumatic tires and solid wheel alternatives on the market. The airless wheel design will never go flat. 

Eliminates Flat Tires

Airless design - no punctures or bad sidewalls

Eliminates Downtime

Open Design - less soil buildup and improved cleanout plus no time wasted replacing flat tires

Reduces Wheel Track Depth

Improved track maintenance due to horizontal tread and high/low pressure soil interaction. It keeps wheel ruts to a minimum.

Flexible Design Adapts to Terrain

Flexible track adapts to obstructions and rough terrain