Now Available – A New Product Package To Help Growers Optimize Irrigation Efficiencies

We are excited to announce that we’re now offering a new, integrated package of products and services that delivers the industry’s most efficient irrigation solution. The Zimmatic® Efficiency Plus package is designed to help growers increase profitability while saving time, water and other input costs.

“This is a leap forward in efficient irrigation management for the industry. Zimmatic Efficiency Plus is the first and only integrated solution that optimizes all three critical efficiency metrics related to crop irrigation - water application efficiency, water use efficiency and energy use efficiency,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president of irrigation technology at Lindsay Corporation. “Available for new Zimmatic and existing electric pivots of any brand, it’s a turnkey solution to help growers increase profitability while remaining good stewards of their land and water resources.”

The new pivot package includes:

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The aftermarket package, which is available to retrofit on any brand of existing electric pivot includes:

  • New high efficiency sprinkler package, designed by a trained, local Zimmatic dealer and optimized for the unique field and crop conditions
  • FieldNET Pivot Control™ to equip the existing pivot with remote monitoring and control
  • Pivot point or end-of-pivot mounted pressure transducer
  • Growsmart rain bucket
  • Growsmart IM3000 flow meter
  • FieldNET remote monitoring and control
  • FieldNET Advisor irrigation management decision support solution
  • Growsmart Precision VRI (Optional)
  • Watertronics pump VFD (Optional)
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“Lindsay and our Zimmatic dealers are the only pivot suppliers that can deliver this kind of fully integrated solution – particularly as it pertains to water and energy use efficiency,” Magnusson said. “To achieve maximum water and energy use efficiency, irrigation management must account for the crop’s dynamically changing water needs, yield response factor, rooting depth and various other factors across the field throughout the growing season. FieldNET Advisor is the only solution on the market that can deliver that information. When coupled with the other powerful components in this package, it helps growers achieve an unmatched level of water and energy use efficiency to maximize the profitability across every acre.”

Magnusson added that growers should immediately realize the benefits that come with the Zimmatic Efficiency Plus solution.

“In addition to increased profitability, they will save time and be able to irrigate with confidence – monitoring and controlling their irrigation equipment anytime from virtually anywhere,” he said.

Talk to your local Zimmatic dealer to learn more information about the Zimmatic Efficiency Plus package and how it can help you save time, money and resources.