Off-Season Maintenance Program

Prepared to Perform

Your pivot needs to be ready when you need to irrigate. The Full Circle Maintenance Program is a valuable option that reduces downtime during irrigation season and can prevent costly emergency repairs. Performing annual scheduled maintenance limits drivetrain replacement and improves electrical reliability, which extends the life of your system.

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The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

No matter what brand of pivots may be in your fields, proper maintenance provides better dependability, longer equipment life, more productive growing seasons, and increased resale value.

Here's why:

  • Electrical grounding eliminates arcing, and good connections improves operational reliability.
  • Checking tire pressures allows for better tracking and flotation.
  • The correct level of oil extends the life of gears and proper lubrication prevents wearing on metal.
  • Clearing of drains allow water, sand and debris to properly drain from the system, improving the water application of your sprinklers.
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Regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your system operating smoothly season after season. The Full Circle decal helps track your annual maintenance checkups. 

For details, contact your local Zimmatic dealer.

Download a PDF of our
Full Circle Maintenance Program Brochure